Super Christmas Show, Saturday, December 14th, 2019 New Yorker Hotel, New York, NY

Photo Ops and Autographs

Name Pricing
(subject to change)
Saturday Sunday
William Shatner Autograph $80 all day when present 10:30 until noon, and 12:30
William Shatner Photo Op $80 11:30am 4:00pm 12pm
Mike Colter Photo Op $55 2:45pm 1:20pm
Godzilla King of the Monsters Group: TJ Storm, Richard Dorton, Jason Liles, Alan Maxson Photo Op $60 2:15pm 1pm
Brent Spiner Photo Op $50 3:10pm 2pm
Mary Wilson Photo Op $45 3:30pm 11am
Debbie Rochon Photo Op $40 1:15pm 2:45pm
The Amazing Kreskin Photo Op $30 1pm 11:30am
John O’Hurley Photo Op $45 1:30pm 11:45
Chris Rankin Photo Op $40 1:45PM 12:45
Ann Robinson Photo Op $40 --- 11:15am
Gigi Edgley Photo Op $40 3:45pm 2:15pm
Geoffrey Cantor Photo Op $40 -- 2:30pm


Photo Op Rules:

A ticketed  Admission to Big Apple Con is required to take part in our Photo Op sessions. William Shatner Photo Op and Autograph tickets are available online, also Chris Rankin photo op tickets (just click “Book Photo Op” or “Buy Tickets”). Guest autographs and photo ops are separate.

All other photo op and autograph tickets are available at the show on the Penn Plaza Pavilion’s 1st floor, or in the Photo Ops designated BACC  area where you can purchase on site tickets and pick up your prints.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your photo session time and have your ticket out and be ready to drop your bags and jackets before you reach the front of the line (help us decrease the waiting time for you an others). Photo Ops move fast, please don’t linger.

Guest autographs and Photo Ops are separate, so don’t ask for autographs to be given during photo ops.

Please do not bring gifts for the celebs, and no props in the photos. Do not take selfies or any photos with your own camera during the Photo Op. Let’s remember to respect ourselves, our guests and other people.  Any unacceptable and unwanted touching or ill mannered behavior is not just uncool, it is wrong, and you will be asked to leave the show.

We look forward to seeing you at Big Apple Comic Con!