Saturday-Sunday, March 9th and 10th, 2019 Penn Plaza Pavilion, New York, NY

Big Apple Convention Events

Saturday March 9th

Time Event Name Details Location Moderator Sponsor
9:00 am Early Admission
10:00 am Show Opens The BACC Show Floor Open to All Ticketholders
10:50 am Stan Lee Tribute Excelsior Forevermore! Marvel Comics veterans Jim Salicrup, Peter David, (and a surprise guest or two) join Danny Fingeroth in a heartfelt tribute to the late, great, Stan Lee! Globetrotter Room Danny Fingeroth
11:45 am From The Bronze Age to TV Artist Arvell Jones and writer Tony Isabella discuss their careers, comics, history, and media: how their 1970s comics creations have burst off the printed page to viewers' screens worldwide. Globetrotter Room Tony Isabella
12:40 pm Mike Colter: Sweet Christmas in March Stop streaming Netflix long enough to meet the amazing, charismatic actor Mike Colter, aka Harlem's Hero Luke Cage! Globetrotter Room Tony Isabella
1:30 pm Bill Griffith: Zippy and Other Pinheads Undrground Comix legend and Zippy's creator Bill Griffith premieres his incredible book from Abrams, NOBODY'S FOOL: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SCHLITZIE THE PINHEAD Globetrotter Room Charles Kochman
2:30 pm William Shatner Live: Star Trek and Beyond Actor, musician, singer, author, film director, spokesman and comedian William Shatner has gained worldwide fame and became a cultural icon as STAR TREK’s Captain Kirk. And he’s beamed in right here at Big Apple Comic Con just to meet us! Globetrotter Room William Shatner
3:30 pm David Gerrold: Tribbles and Sleestaks, Oh My! Award-winning author David Gerrold will entertain and educate as he shares his incredible life as a novelist and screenwriter. Fans of STAR TREK, LAND OF THE LOST, TWILIGHT ZONE, THE MARTIAN CHILD and so much more are in for “no tribble at all”! Globetrotter Room Larry Nemecek
4:20 pm Brent Spiner: Data Independence Brent Spiner's accomplished career on stage & screens has won the hearts of fans of STAR TREK and INDEPENDENCE DAY. Join Commander Data's alter-ego and meet the talented man behind the android. Globetrotter Room Larry Nemecek
5:10 pm Costume Contest & Captain Marvel Cosplay Contest Sign-Up Final Registration Captain Marvel Cosplay Contest and
for Captain Zorikh's Costume Contest: the event called "The most fun costume contest on the East Coast"!
Globetrotter Room Captain Zorikh
5:30 pm Captain Marvel Cosplay Contest Exclusively Captain Marvel Cosplay, for the best and/or funniest and/or most outrageous Captain Marvel costumes. Winners get free tickets to a screening of the film, and other great stuff. Globetrotter Room Captain Zorikh
6:00 pm Captain Zorikh’s Costume Contest Open to all levels of costuming competence, the audience judges the contestants on the quality of their costumes and their enjoyment of the presentation! Come as any character from comics, movies, cartoons, amime, manga, sci-fi, fantasy, video games, or make up your own. Fun Prizes awarded! Globetrotter Room Captain Zorikh
7:00 pm Show Closes

Sunday March 10th

Time Event Name Details Location Moderator Sponsor
9:00 am Early Admission
9:30 am William Shatner Meet&Greet Limited to ticket holders, private group meeting with William Shatner including personal greeting, question time, photos and coffee and donuts. Many gifts for attendees Boardroom 6th Floor Pennsylvania Hotel William Shatner
10:00 am Show Opens The BACC Show Floor Opens for All Ticket Holders
11:00 am Big Apple Comic Con Film Trailers Fears Magazine's own Joe Mauceri brings you the hottest previews of upcoming and highly anticipated genre films. Globetrotter Room Joe Mauceri
11:30 am Kickstarter! Your Comics Kickstarter Your Comics! Workshop Join the 21st Century and Indy Comics stalwarts Robert J. Sodaro, Joe Martino & Dan Nokes, who will share crowdfunding secrets! Boardroom 6th Floor Pennsylvania Hotel Robert J. Sodaro
11:50 am Jack Kirby Museum: The King in Cyberspace The Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center shares its sacred mission to scan every existing page of Jack Kirby’s Original Comic Book Art, and why King Jack is more relevant than ever in the 21st Century. Globetrotter Room Rand Hoppe
1:00 pm Cinema Daikaju: History of Godzilla & Co. Seo-Young Chu, Paolo Javier, Jase Short, and Karl Ufert join Sigmund Shen in an interactive, multimedia presentation from the most scholarly Kaiju (Japanese Monster) expert Fans on Earth. Globetrotter Room Sigmund Shen
2:00 pm Succeeding as a Freelance Artist Succeeding As A Freelance Artist Workshop Cristian S. Aluas teaches secrets of artistic success including pay rates, insights on self-publishing, producing, and merchandising. Boardroom 6th Floor Pennsylvania Hotel Cristian S. Aluas
2:00 pm MoCap Monsters and More: The Men Behind Hollywood’s Newest Creature Characters TJ Storm, Richard Dorton, Jason Liles & Alan Maxson, specialize in bringing to life monsters, creatures and non-human characters in video games, film, tv, commercials and VR. From SPFX makeup prosthetics and custom designed suits to using high tech motion capture technology, these actors have emerged as the next generation of performers in the monster universe. Globetrotter Room Joe Mauceri
3:00 pm Captain Marvel Culture Big Apple Comic Con’s Mightiest Mortal Captain Zorikh Lequidre tells all (and what everyone gets wrong) about Carol Danvers and Shazam, the two Captain Marvels flying into the Silver Screen this year. Globetrotter Room Captain Zorikh
3:00 pm Redshirts The only all-women Star Trek: The Next Generation inspired musical improv comedy team in the known universe! Catherine Wing, Heather Jewels Booth, Julia Lunetta, Nicole Edine, Sloane Miller, Susan O'Doherty Not to be missed!

Boardroom 6th Floor Pennsylvania Hotel Redshirts
3:50 pm Will Eisner Week Celebrate the life and astounding career of Will Eisner, one of the greatest masters of the medium and art form of Comic Books and a founding father of the Graphic Novel format. Jim Salicrup and Danny Fingeroth will also illuminate links between Eisner and Stan Lee. Globetrotter Room Danny Fingeroth
4:40 pm Empire Saber Guild Padawan Training Institute Younglings will be gifted a FREE training lightsaber and taught ancient battle forms & techniques from a true Jedi Mater! Limited admission sign up early at the Emprie Saber Guild table and May The Force Be With You! Globetrotter Room Kevin Cobb
6:00 pm BACC 2019 Closes

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