Super Christmas Show, Saturday, December 14th, 2019 New Yorker Hotel, New York, NY

Artist Alley

  • Jason Nickel

    Jason Nickel

  • Tammy Jackson

    Tammy Jackson

  • Sonise Lumbaca

    Sonise Lumbaca

  • Sarah Feldman

    Sarah Feldman

  • Matthew Parton

    Matthew Parton

  • Chris Everheart

    Chris Everheart

  • Tony Tirado

    Tony Tirado

  • Joseph Critelli

    Joseph Critelli

  • Joshua Moriera

    Joshua Moriera

  • Sean Dillon

    Sean Dillon

  • Suki & Vin

    Suki & Vin

  • Cody Giardina

    Cody Giardina

  • Gianni Boy Vee

    Gianni Boy Vee

    Children's comic book creator, with a new book called,"The Adventures of Bo Tanik #1"

  • James Yusefi

    James Yusefi

  • Shawn Kuruneru

    Shawn Kuruneru

  • Ian Ally-Seals

    Ian Ally-Seals

  • Bob Campbell

    Bob Campbell

  • Steve Bachan

    Steve Bachan

  • Jamal Jones

    Jamal Jones

  • Nadia Avila

    Nadia Avila

    Booth Day One: The Comic

  • Austin Daxiong Guo

    Austin Daxiong Guo

  • Codakhrome Comic Shop

    Codakhrome Comic Shop

  • Creees Hyungsung Lee

    Creees Hyungsung Lee

  • Eternicus Arts

    Eternicus Arts

  • Jayla Santos

    Jayla Santos

  • Nelson Mas

    Nelson Mas

  • Dwayne Robinson

    Dwayne Robinson

  • RR-Remblier


    Richard Remblier is an International acclaimed artist from Paris, France with art studios both in Paris and Normandy, France. His technique of gradual shading of tones and colors is known as Sfumato. Richard himself is an avid comic collector, and his emotion for the characters are clearly displayed in his artistic interpretations.
    Facebook-Richard Remblier
    Company website-rr-remblier.com

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