Artist Alley

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  • Smudge Books

    Smudge Books

    Writing Illustration Serious StuffCheck us out www.smudge-books.com

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  • John Villarin

    John Villarin

    New York based graphic designer illustrator. Fan Art in Pop Culture , Comics , Cult Films I have original art, stickers and pins!!

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  • Ted Sikora

    Ted Sikora

    Ted Sikora is a Cleveland/Akron based comic book writer and filmmaker. He is the president of Hero Tomorrow Comics, and the creator/writer/letterer of Tap Dance Killer and creator/co-writer/colorist/letterer of Apama The Undiscovered Animal. Check out Ted's website www.herotomorrow.com

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  • Mike Sapienza

    Mike Sapienza

    Freelance graphic designer. https://www.etsy.com/shop/MikeSapienzaDesigns

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  • Josiah Kelly

    Josiah Kelly

    Josiah Kelly, Power Couples Creator, is an artist in every sense of the word. Illustrator and graphic designer, but also the visual art form of dancing. Josiah has been in videos on MTV, performed in association with the NBA, performed for Miss America and graced the stage all over the nation with his team "The Production" in places like NY, FL, CA and elsewhere. He sees his love for both art and dance as 2 sides of the same coin, distinctive yet inseparable. This has lead him to create AxiomArt, the entertainment and design company. Check out www.artsbyaxiom.com

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  • Peter Parlagreco

    Peter Parlagreco

    Amazing, joyous, illustrator artist. Check out Peter's work at http://peterparlagreco.com/index.html

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  • Manuel “Lolo” Guzman

    Manuel “Lolo” Guzman

    Manuel is an illustrator born and raised in New York where he still lives with his wife and sons. He was ecstatic and humbled by the success of crowdfunding his storybook project, In Search of Sacha. ISOS is his first work of literature and even though many have yet to find it those who have discovered the fantasy novella have praised it for its story and prose as much as for the art.

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  • DB Bray

    DB Bray

    Loners, a dnd style merc fantasy written by DB Bray and The Official Queen of Street Lit, Wahida Clark follows a mixed group of races in their quest for retirement. We all want to retire, right? FOR THE DWARVEN LASSES ASSES- Toli Hookhand Available in audiobook as well!

  • Gianni Boy Vee

    Gianni Boy Vee

    Gianni Boy Vee is the owner and the editor-in-chief of Highland Pop Media. He is also the co-creator of the children's comic book series,"The Adventures of Bo Tanik." He co-created it with his friend/fellow co-creator, Bobby Castle. Gianni Boy Vee was born in New Brunswick, NJ and grew up in Highland Park, NJ. He earned a bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts (with a concentration in Production and Design) From Rutger's University. He also attended ITT-Tech and earned an associate‛s degree in Computer Drafting and Design. Check out his website www.highlandpopmedia.com.

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  • Joseph Critelli

    Joseph Critelli

    Joe Critelli is a 2006 graduate from the School of Art and Design at F.I.T in New York City. He works full time as a Graphic Designer and freelances illustrations for Youtube personalities like the Comicstorian and web series Dementorbusters. Check out his website www.critelliart.com

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  • Rich T.

    Rich T.

  • David Abrevaya

    David Abrevaya

    I am a professional artist based in New York. I studied at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where I honed my skills in illustration, storyboarding, and sequential storytelling. After graduating I began teaching Illustration and Cartooning at the Rye Arts Center. My work has been in galleries around NYC and in Westchester County. Most notable displays were in the Rye Arts Center "Turn the Page: The Evolution of Cartoon and Comic art" and Mount Vernon's "Wall of Legends" Public art located at Memorial Field in Mount Vernon. Instagram - @Davidocalypse Twitter - @DavidAbrevaya

    Booth David Abrevaya

Covid-19 Protocols for Public Events in NYC

The City of New York has specific COVID-19 related regulations regarding vaccinations and entry for public events:

"As of August 17, people 12 and older are required to show proof they have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized for emergency use by the FDA or WHO."

The BACC takes place in a large corporate owned, hotel. The New Yorker hotel is responsible for checking vaccination certificates before entry. Staff will be stationed in the lobby, BACC is not involved in this process. We urge all of you to get at least one shot before the show so as to respect NYC guidelines.